How to Insert Different Footer on Each Page in MS Word

Different Footer on Each Page Word

Before we learn how to have different footers on each page word, we must know what the footer is. Well, Footer is the bottom margin of a page that contains some separate information such as page number, company name, address, contact details etc. Information that is provided once in the footer area appears on every page throughout the document. Footer makes the workspace look well organized and presentable with some information highlighted separately for the reader.

Use Cases of Footer in Microsoft Word

  • Display company name in every page
  • Display Different text in different page footer
  • Mention page number chronologically
  • Information of writer/Author
  • Date of the created document
  • Information that needs to be appeared in every page
  • Any custom text including designs.

How to Insert Different Footer on Each Page Word

Setting up a footer and using the same footer for the entire document is easy if you want the same footer style to continue on every page. But this may be different if you want to use several footer styles for different pages in your document. As a cover page, the conclusion page may require different footer styles at the same time, so let’s learn how to have different footers on each page word. MS word offers two ways which can be used to have different footers on each page.

  1. Using Preset/Built-in footer option
    1. Different first page footer
    2. Different even and odd pages footer
  2. Using Section Break
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Preset/Built-in Footer Option to Change Each Page Footer

Here you will find two different footer options to configure. Choose the first option if you want your first page to have a different footer then the rest of your document. The second option allows you to continue with two different footers at a time for every even and odd number of pages. 

  1. Click On “Insert” tab
  2. Click on “Footer”
  3. Click on “Edit Footer”


After clicking on “Edit Footer” you will get the header and footer tool open. Or another simple method for quick access is to simply double click on the footer area to get the options open. Here you will clearly see two tick boxes with two options. First box is for a DIFFERENT FIRST PAGE and the second is for DIFFERENT ODD & EVEN PAGES. 


Different First Page Footer


If you want your First page to have a different footer then the rest of your document, do click the DIFFERENT FIRST PAGE tick box.


Different Even and Odd Pages Footer


Or, if you want your document to contain two-footers at the same time, one style for ODD number pages and the other style for EVEN number pages, do click DIFFERENT ODD & EVEN PAGES.


Now you can add a footer in your document as it requires. You can also add additional information that you want to appear on every page or ODD-EVEN pages! Don’t forget to click the “CLOSE HEADER OR FOOTER” button to continue your desired effect. 

Now you should be able to use the Preset Footer Option without any trouble!!


Section Break to Insert Different Footer on Each Page Word


Another method you can try to change the footer style on each page is Section Break. With the help of this method, you can easily organize every single part of your document with a different footer in each page.

Once your document is ready,

  1. Click the “Layout” tab 
  2. After that, click “Break”
  3. At the end click “Next Page” option from the drop-down list

For Example, if you want your second paragraph with a different footer, here you must insert “Section Break” before the paragraph starts as well as at the end of the paragraph. So that the entire paragraph moves to a new page and you can add a footer of your choice. Simply place your cursor right at the start of the paragraph and enable the section break


Once the paragraph is moved, place the cursor at the end of the paragraph and repeat the process. This is how the paragraph is moved to a separate page. 

Now, your paragraph is ready to add a footer.

  1. Simply click on “Insert”
  2. Click on “Footer”
  3. Click on “Edit Footer” or double click on the footer area to get footer options open.  


If you already have a common footer in every page of your document (linked footer), you must Unlink it and break the connection from your current page to the previous one.


How to Unlink Footers in Microsoft Word

You can create a new footer for every page that you prepare. To use the new footer on every page you must Disable “LINK TO PREVIOUS” as it is enabled by default. Here you can create as many sections as you want and each time with a new footer style! Just make sure to create a new section break every time at the bottom of every page. 

Supported Microsoft Word Versions

  • Word for Microsoft 365 & Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac
  • Word for the web Word 2021 & Word 2021 for Mac
  • Word 2019 & Word 2019 for Mac
  • Word 2016 & Word 2016 for Mac
  • Word 2013 & Word 2010 & Word 2007
  • Word for Mac 2011 & Word Starter 2010


 The article is about to end. By now I am sure that you know how to have different footers on each page word. Hope has made your work easier. Don’t forget to check our other sections to solve your problems in no time!!!


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