How to Delete a Column in Google Docs

how to delete a column in google docs

In today’s article, we’re going to learn how to delete a column in google docs, first of all, I would like to tell you what is a column in google docs. So, the column is a vertical break on a page that separates the page into two parts. Columns are highly used in newspapers. Now you got it? Columns are used when we want to write a long content parallel to each other using two columns on a single page. But what if you want to remove them and use default single-page formatting to write your content without statically. It is simple and a useful feature in google docs to use different styles of columns in your document. Let us explore this feature here.

To add columns, you can go to format and pick any column style for your document but here we will mostly talk about how to delete a column in google docs. There are two cases, first is when you have added columns in your document and now you want to delete them, and the second condition is when you have received a document that contains columns and you want to delete them so let’s see how to delete a column in google docs.

If you are interested to learn about how to add columns in Google docs, please follow the link below.

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Why do we need to learn – how to delete a column in Google Docs?

As discussed, we could have two scenarios when we need this feature to turn off or delete. When you are working on a design that contains a lot of texts, now for being experimental many of us may use different column styles to see how it looks like, and then we need to change them to experiment with more styles. In this case, we must know how to delete a column in google docs. Many times, when we are working in a group project, we may receive a document that contains columns and now we are assigned to delete columns and converts the document into statical types of content that typically follows the static pattern of a google docs document. Therefore, we need to know how to delete a column in google docs. So now we know why we need this feature, now let’s move to step by step procedure to learn how to do it.

How to Delete a Column in Google Docs

Step 1: Login to google drive and open your file with google docs.

Open file with google docs


Step 2: Go to “Format” > Select “Columns” > pick any of the first style from three given styles to delete the column.

go to format then column then click on first style


Step 3: Clicking on any style will apply that style to the entire document without selecting the text or pages, now for additional adjustment, you can go to “more options” and adjust the properties of the column.

more options for column adjustment


To recap, you simply need to go to format in the main menu and click on the columns, now you have three boxes that are styled with their respective column design, pick any style to apply to the entire document, if you are not getting the desired results, then go to more options where you can do small adjustment of margins, breaks, and spacing, etc.


  • Carefully pick up your desired style, and remember it will be applied to the entire document, although, you can add/remove columns from a specific page by selecting that page before applying/removing columns.
  • In some cases, you may face a weird design of your content after applying column style, it is because the body of the content is not properly formatted. Go to more options and use custom adjustment properties of columns to adjust your formatting, scale, margins, spacing, etc manually.
  • It is important to always use the more options buttons to adjust your document according to your needs because the default presets of columns style will not give accurate formatting in most cases.
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In this article, we learned how to turn to delete a column in google docs. It is a very quick and comprehensive guide to teach you how to delete a column in google docs. Remember that, deleting a column is identical to picking static page column style in the styles tab inside format in the main menu. No column is also a column style. So, after this guide you have learned; how to add a column in google docs? why do we use columns in google docs? How to delete a column in google docs? How to use custom column properties to further adjust the column properties? This is a quick guide that focuses mainly on how to delete a column in google docs. If you need any similar guide regarding columns please comment below and ask your question. I hope you have learned this feature very perfectly and now you can add/remove a column in google docs like a pro. Please consider subscribing OfficDemy blog, and also share this article with your friends.

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