How to Delete Guides in Google Slides

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides 2
Key Takeaways: How to Delete Guides in Google Slides

To Delete Guides in Google Slides

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation.
  2. Click on “View“.
  3. Select “Guides” and then click on “Clear Guides“.

In this article, we will learn about how to delete guides in Google Slides presentation.

In Google Slides, you will be able to access a variety of settings to change the look and feel of your presentation. One such option turns on the lines across screen option for the program. This is considered a view guide that can help you position objects that you have added to your slides easier.

The lines across the screen in Google Slides are a guide which help you to position objects that have been added to your presentation. Sometimes you will enable a setting in an application like Google Slides, then forget what you did to make that change.

This tutorial will demonstrate where the Line Across screen option can be found and how to disable it so that no line appears across the screen of your Google Slides presentation.

What is guides in google slides?

Guides are a horizontal or vertical line that can be used as a guide when aligning objects in Google Slides. Use guides to create charts, graphs, and other types of visualizations that must have specific layouts.

Why should we use guide in google slide?

Reasons for using guide in google slides are,

  • The guide is a vertical ruler you can quickly add to a slide so that you can easily align objects. The guide automatically snaps to the edges of the slide area, so all you need to do is create an object and move it so that it touches the guide. This can help you ensure your objects are aligned correctly and makes things easier in terms of design.
  • The guide lines are there to help with aligning your content and slides. You can see how the text will look when you enter it or move things around, so that you don’t have to keep trying until it looks right. You also can use them to help differentiate different sections of your presentation, by applying different colors, borders and styles to certain guides, while leaving others blank.
  • Guide is a tool that helps you create and organize the slides for your presentation. It can be used to add horizontal lines or rectangles that align with the edges of objects on a slide to help you properly align text, graphics and shapes in your slides.
  • Guide in google slides enables you to align the elements that are on top of other elements. Guide gives you PowerPoint-like experience and make it easy for you to position objects on your slide.
  • guide is an important tool for you to use in your slides. It will help users create professional slides easily.

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides

Guides make it easy to place objects in slides exactly where we want them. This is especially useful if you’re creating a slide with a lot of elements. Guide lines can also be moved manually by clicking on them and dragging them to a different location, but if you move them accidentally, the guide may no longer be useful.

NOTE: These steps were carried out in the Google Chrome desktop browser but can be replicated in other desktop browsers like Firefox or Safari.

The following steps will show you how to remove the guides from Google Slides.

Step 1: open your google slide presentation first.

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides 1

Step 2: click on View in the menu bar. A dropdown menu will appear on your screen. click on Guides > Click on Clear Guides.

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides 2

That’s it. You are done.

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides 1

After you learn how to remove the lines that appear on your computer screen while viewing Google Slides, you can adjust this setting if you want those guidelines visible or hidden.

You can choose either to remove the guides completely or to hide them without removing them. If you would rather have guides hidden from view, then you can select the Show guides option. If the option to show guides is selected, then unselecting it will hide the guides from view.

When you close and reopen your document, the guides will also be hidden. If you later choose to display the guides and have not cleared them from memory, they will appear in their last positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Show/Hide Guides in Google Slides?

In Google Slides, you have the option to show and hide guides. These guides provide a visual reference to help you align and position objects on your slides with precision. By toggling the visibility of guides, you can streamline your design process and create polished presentations seamlessly.


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