How to Insert Lines in Google Docs [2 Methods]

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In this article, you are going to learn about how to insert lines in google docs. Here I will explain you how to add horizontal and vertical lines in your google Docs document using different methods.

“Google docs” offer you an approach to add a line in our documents because; many official documents need some kind of attachment to make them look professional and presentable to the readers. However, when it comes to managing and arranging such attachments in the document, you need to follow a specific method and strategy to format your document accordingly. You have to put a specific attachment in its proper place to create a neat visual effect in the document.

Benefits of adding lines in Google Docs

There are a large number of benefits of adding a line, either horizontal or vertical, in Google docs. But here we will discuss some major benefits of adding the line in Google docs:

  • It divides the information into parts
  • It separates the columns to organize the text
  • It gives the document a more professional look

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How to Insert Lines in Google Docs

How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Google Docs

Method 1: Using Horizontal Line option

Step 1: Open your Google docs and click on the “Insert” and “Insert horizontal line” option, from the menu.

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Step 3: The line will be added to your document.

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Method 2: Using Drawing Tool

Step 1: First of all open your Google Docs document. Click on the “Insert” option. And finally, click on the “Drawing” and “New” options.

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Step 4: A drawing dialog box will appear. Click on the “Line” option and then add a line in the drawing dashboard of Google docs.

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Step 5: At the last, click the “Save and Close” option to insert the selected horizontal line in your Google Doc document. The line will be added to the document.

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NOTE: Now you can customize the added line, by changing its thickness, color as well as adding arrow signs at the start or end of the line.
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How to Insert a Vertical Line in Google Docs

There are different situations when you need to add a vertical line in the Google Doc document. For example, you may need to add a vertical line to separate the columns, used to organize your text. You may also insert vertical lines in your document to divide the information into different parts or sections. It not only makes your document neat but also adds a professional look to it. So, let’s learn how to add a vertical line in Google docs step-by-step.

This method of adding a vertical line in your document offers a lot of formatting options just like changing the style, size, color, or weight of the line.

Step 1: First of all, open your Google Doc document, and then click on the “INSERT” option, available below the document name at the almost left top corner and pick the “Drawing” option from the menu list. It will open further two options: “New” and “From Drive”.

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NOTE: If you want to create a new blank document, then click on the “PLUS” sign in google docs to open a new blank document.


Step 2: Now you have to select one of these two options in the drawing menu.

NOTE: if you already have a saved template in your drive, then click on the “From Drive” option, otherwise select the “New” option to draw the line in the drawing window. A “drawing” window will open. Click on the “LINE” icon as shown below.

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Step 3: Click on the arrows available in front of “Line Tool” to see different line styles that you can draw in the drawing window. After selecting the line style, drag the pointer on the drawing window to draw your selected line. The line will appear in the document.

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Important Notes

  • Here you can also use the “LINE DASH” option to make your selected line in the dashed or dotted format.
  • You can also use the “Line start” or “Line end” options to add any shape like a square, circle, arrow, etc. at the start or end of your selected line.
  • After formatting your selected line, click on the “Save and Close” button to save your line formatting. The vertical line will be added to your document where the pointer will be located.
  • While dragging the cursor on the drawing window, press the “SHIFT” button to make sure that the line is straight.

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In this article we have learnt that, how to add a horizontal line in the Google docs and “how to add a vertical line in the Google docs. So, if you want to add a horizontal or vertical line in your document to make it look better and more professional, then follow all the instructions given above.

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