How to Make a Fraction in Google Docs [4 Methods]

How to Make a Fraction in Google Docs
Key Takeaways: How to Make a Fraction in Google Docs

To Make a Fraction in Google Docs

  1. Go to “Tools” > “Preferences“.
  2. Check the box to replace numbers with fractions.
  3. Enter a fraction (e.g., “1/2“) to automatically format it.


  1. Go to “Insert” > “Equation“.
  2. Select “Math operations” and choose “a/b” to insert a fractional number.
  3. Enter the fraction in the Equation box.


  1. Enter a fraction in Google Docs.
  2. Select the numerator and use “Format” > “Text” > “Superscript“.
  3. Select the denominator and use “Format” > “Text” > “Subscript“.


  1. Go to “Add-ons” > “Get add-ons” > Search for math-related add-ons (e.g., Hypatia Create).
  2. Install the chosen add-on.
  3. Use the add-on to insert fractions by specifying the numerator and denominator.

Why must you opt for an additional editing tool for math equations when you can’t make heads or tails of it? Standard editing tools for math equations are a challenge to comprehend. The learning process is quite a rough patch. The key is Google docs.

An evolving web application, growing leaps, and bounds, Google docs is one of the most reliable word processors online and offline. Google docs have become a collaborative tool from being just a writing tool. This feature is a boon for academicians and researchers. Just a copy of the document on the web must do the work. They are economical and uncomplicated. Like, to add a fraction, there is no need for complex commands.

Why fractions are used in Google Docs

Google Docs provides different options to add equations or fractions in a document. Fractions are used in daily life scenarios like cooking, buying groceries, sports, fitness, work, school, and every other work.

  • Fractions are more accurate
  • They help to solve puzzles easily

There are different methods to add fractions in Google docs. Use the options available in the menu or go for add-ons to insert fractional numbers.

How to Make a Fraction in Google docs

The first method is the easiest one.

Method 1: Make fraction using Automatic Substitution

Step 1:

Open Google Docs. Go to Tools  and select Preferences.

Open Preferences tab in Tools menu

Step 2:

The Preferences dialog box opens. On the Substitutions tab, click the checkbox to replace the number with a fraction. Click OK to save and close the window.

Open Substitution tab in Preferences dialog

Step 3:

Enter the number 1/2 in the normal format; the number will change to fractional number ½. The dotted line in the document specifies that the number is changed.

fraction using Automatic Substitution

There are built-in fractional numbers in the previous method. So, no new fractions can be added.

Method 2: Write Fraction using Equations

This method allows changing any number into fractional numbers in google docs. Here is the step by step procedure to make fractions using Equations option.

Step 1:

Open Google Docs. Go to Insert and select Equation.

Insert Equation

Step 2:

On the left corner of the document, a toolbar “New Equation” is displayed in the Google docs interface.

New equation in Google doc interface

Step 3:

The equation has Greek letters, Miscellaneous operations, Relations, Math operations, and Arrows. Select Math Operations in the equation. A drop-down with the list of math functions is displayed. Select the option a/b to insert fractional numbers.

Insert fractional numbers

Step 4:

The Google docs display an Equation box. Enter the fractional number in the box.

fraction using Equation method

Method 3: Format the Number into a Fraction

This method emphasizes formatting the numbers into fractions in google docs.

Step 1:

In Google docs, enter any fractional number.

  • Select the numerator
  • Go to Format
  • Select Text
  • Select Superscript

Open Superscript in Format menu

Step 2:

The numerator changes to superscript.  As an alternative, use Ctrl+. to change the numerator to superscript.

Changing numerator using Superscript

Step 3:

  • Select the denominator
  • Go to Format
  • Select Text
  • Select Subscript.

Open Subscript in Format menu

Step 4:

The denominator changes to subscript.  Also use Ctrl+, to change the denominator to subscript.

Changing denominator using Subscript

Method 4: Make Fractions using Add-ons

The last method demonstrates the addition of third-party add-ons to insert fractions in google docs.

Step 1:

In the Google docs, go to Add-ons   and click on Get add-ons.

Open Get Add-ons using add-ons menu

Step 2:

The Google marketplace dialog box opens. Enter equations in the search box. A list of third-party apps is displayed. Select any app in the list. Rather than going for a standard editing tool, use simple and easily accessible apps. Select Hypatia Create, the smart math editor to insert fractions.

Insert thirdparty app from Google Marketplace

Step 3:

Select and install the Hypatia Create app into Google docs. The selected app is added to the add-ons list in the Add-ons menu. Go to Add-ons -> Hypatia Create  -> Insert/Edit math.

Install Hypatia Create in Add-ons menu

Step 3:

The Hypatia Create dialog box opens. A list of math operations is displayed in the window. If the required math operation is not in the display, click the search icon. Search for fractions in the list of the math operations displayed in the drop-down.

Search fraction in Hypatia Create

Step 4:

There are six different types of fractions in the drop-down list. Select the required option. The equation box for the selected option is displayed in the window.  Enter the numerator and the denominator in the equation box and select Insert.

Insert numbers in Equation box in Hypatia Create

Step 5:

The fraction is inserted into the Google doc.

Fraction using Hypatia Create


Incorporating fractions while documenting math operations in Google docs is a feasible option compared to the math editing tool. Using any of the methods described above can easily help to insert fractions in Google Docs rather than using command operation.

How to Make a Fraction in Google Docs Video Tutorial


  • While using add-ons, Google docs ask permission for third-party add-ons to allow access to your google account.
  • While using the Automatic Substitution, adding a new parameter for a fraction is not applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Process of Putting Fractions in Google Sheets Similar to Making Fractions in Google Docs?

When it comes to dealing with fractions in google sheets, the process is similar to making fractions in Google Docs. Both platforms offer various options to input and format fractions. However, in Google Sheets, you can take advantage of additional functions and formulas to automate calculations and manipulate fractions. So, fractions in Google Sheets provide a more dynamic and efficient way of managing numerical data.


This article particularly focuses on inserting fractions in Google docs. There is no need to suffer thinking of learning new practices for inserting math operations in a document. For a large math operation, using the option Equation or using add-ons is better considering the list of different options they provide. For a fraction to be added in a document, the easiest options are preferable. Either of these methods will provide the need.

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