How to Release Score in Google Form [Complete Guide]

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Key Takeaways: How to Release Score in Google Form

To Release Score in Google Form

  1. Log in to your Google account.
  2. Open the Google Form with responses.
  3. Go to “Responses” tab > Click “Individual” within “Responses“.
  4. Review each person’s quiz, particularly any ungraded parts.
  5. Assign points > Save.
  6. For ungraded questions, use the “Questions” tab.
  7. Allocate points > Return to the “Summary” tab.
  8. In the “Scores” section, press “Release Score“.
  9. Choose to release scores for all or specific respondents.
  10. Optionally, include a message > Hit “Release scores“.
  11. Respondents will get an email with their scores and marked answer sheets.

Google Forms is very versatile tool that serves various purposes and needs. We can use Google Form for educational purposes, conducting quizzes, exams and much more. Google form also allows the users to design the question paper or quiz in a way that we can calculate each individual’s result sheet automatically. In this article, we will demonstrate how to release scores in Google form.

What is release score in Google Form?

Google Form allows us to automate quiz points according to our described settings. We can use this mechanism with any scenario and use it accordingly. Whenever conducting any quiz or exam, it is always important to prepare score sheet and send it back to students for assessment purpose. Google Forms can help us in preparing and sending results to students after reviewing their responses as a release score in Google Form Quizzes.

How to Release Score in Google Form?

We have already demonstrated how Google form can help us in making quizzes and marking them automatically. We have discussed its step by step procedure in our article How to make Quiz in Google Forms.

We used a simple scenario where we organized a quiz to evaluate the basic mathematics skills of students. In the scenario, we designed a quiz with some questions and demonstrated how to add correct answers in Google Form. After quiz submission by our students, it’s time to release scores and generate mark sheets. Let us do the same, here, in Google Forms.

Open the Google Form Quiz with responses to release scores

To release score in Google form, firstly we need a Google form which has responses so that we can release their scores.

Step 1: Go to Google Forms and Login to Google account which is owner of the required Google Form quiz.

We can’t avail google services without google account that’s why signing in to Google account is mandatory. We have to make sure we are logged in to right account because Google Forms can only be accessed by Owners, Collaborators or Editors for releasing scores.

how to release score in google form 1

Step 2: Open the required Google Forms which contain the quiz.

how to release score in google form 2

We earlier organized a math quiz form in order to evaluate our students and so, we will be using it to release scores. Here, we choose the specific form which contains enough responses of quiz to demonstrate how to check, evaluate and release scores.

Go to Individual Tab of Responses in Google Forms

Before releasing scores, there are some things that needs to be taken care of.

Step 1: Go to Responses tab.

We need to go to responses tab to see submissions, mark the unattended ones and then finally release scores.

how to release score in google form 3

In this tab, we can see responses of each students. We can also view the different sub-tabs and each tab has its own perks.

Step 2: Go to “Individual” tab.

how to release score in google form 4

Individual tab appears as below showing the insights on quiz as median, average (mean) and range.

how to release score in google form 5

We will start with individual tab, because that will be used to mark the remaining manual portion of quiz paper for each individual. We can also do the same using question tab. But teachers usually mark individual papers first.

Mark the required part of quiz manually in Google Forms

Once we are in the individual tab, we can check papers one by one and in questions tab we can check papers or quizzes by questions and their responses by each respondent. We can also view how many points are automatically graded and whether scores are released already or not, we can also release scores for this individual respondent from “3” as shown in the picture below:

how to release score in google form 6

It’s very important to review questions and evaluate them manually before releasing scores for quizzes because when we design quizzes, we sometimes add some questions for manual marking e.g. paragraph questions, etc. Also, there may be some fields which do not have answer key in them. So, let us go through each individual one by one and evaluate anything that is left there to mark.

Give Feedback to questions for individual respondent in Google Forms

We can also give individual feedbacks to students or respondents for their correct or wrong questions.

how to release score in google form 7

Feedback can be very useful for students so that they can learn from their mistakes. We can simply write feedback or add video link of YouTube or any URL to learn from as shown below:

how to release score in google form 8

If we add individual feedbacks, Edits are pending will show up and we have to save progress till here or we can save it all later when we are done with the whole answer sheet.

Click on the “Save” Button to save progress or you may discard it all using the discard button.

how to release score in google form 9

Review Multiple Choice questions for marking in Google Forms

It’s always a better approach to check the quizzes yourself first before releasing scores, so that if there’s some attempting marks or half correct answer, etc. those can be dealt with. Sometimes, what a student needs is some motivation and it can work greatly to boost them.

Let us consider the following answer sheet:

how to release score in google form 10

In this case, there are two missing values and student got one right and one wrong, Google Forms will automatically collect only fully correct option but we have the final say as a teacher for whether we want to award some marks. So, as shown above, we added 1 mark to the points’ area. This is the main reason that teachers do not often release scores upon submission because there are many things that can go wrong.

Review Checkbox Question for marking in Google Forms

When the question is checkbox selection type, Google forms only give full points when choosing all correct answers and Google Forms will deem the answer wrong otherwise.  As the question below had 3 correct answers but the respondent chose 3 of them. We will add 2 to the question’s points as shown below:

how to release score in google form 11

Also, do not forget to hit the “Save” button.

Review Multiple Choice Grid questions in Google Forms

In multiple choice grid, answer key is used without any problem. We can rely on it without hassle, it all depends on our questions but there’s only one answer from several column and marks will only be given for correct answer otherwise there won’t be any marks given as shown below:

how to release score in google form 12

Correct answer for 220,11 was “None” while the respondent chose “divide” and hence got no marks for this part of question. Rest of the marks remain as they were.

Review Linear Scale questions in Google Forms

Linear scale question is one of the few question types that do not contains any answer key only the marks allocated can be added. So, we have to award marks manually for each question of this type.

how to release score in google form 14

Only the allocated marks appear for this type of questions as shown above. And so the answer key cannot be added.

We can see this question being attempted by the individual as below:

how to release score in google form 13

As the chosen answer is not close to a teacher’s perspective or Mathematics rules, we will not award any marks for this question.

Review Checkbox Grid questions in Google Forms

Checkbox grid can also be a little tricky like simple checkboxes because Google Form will only deem answer right when all correct boxes are ticked otherwise it’s considered wrong altogether. In some cases, we tend to be lenient to our students as to ensure encouragement to them. So, we go with the marking scheme to find correct number of checkboxes and mark on this basis.

how to release score in google form 15

We can see, in the above case, there are several right option selected but Google Forms didn’t allocate a single point. So, in our case, we can just review these checkbox grid question and allocate points manually. If there was only 1 right option and other checkbox selection options were baits, then it would have been fine and we could release score right away. But we will assign points manually as:

how to release score in google form 16

The best part is that Google forms is it shows us answer key at every question so we don’t need to worry about exploring again and again.

Mark Paragraph Question in Google Forms

Short answer questions can be automated but paragraph questions cannot be. As the paragraph type of questions does not take any answer key, they can only be checked manually. So, points’ allocation is always done manually for it. We will first allocate points and then save the score for releasing later on as shown below:

how to release score in google form 17

This way, the respondent will be awarded 11/11 for this question.

Mark the Unchecked questions using Questions Tab in Google Forms

We can also evaluate or mark the responses using questions tab. It is best approach for linear scale questions as they do not have automated marking.

Mark Linear Scale question using Question tab

Question with same response submission are grouped together in Question Tab as we can see below. We can simply “Tick” for correct response and all corresponding responses from different individuals will be marked automatically through questions tab in responses.

how to release score in google form 18

Cross icon will lead to “0” mark for each submission of that response.

Mark paragraph type questions using Question tab

Questions tab also work well for paragraph questions because we can mark all responses to one question from here altogether. And so, the marks will be allocated to their respective respondents. We can also use it catch cheaters by matching responses. It will give us a clear view of which of the answers are copied or similar to other responses some book without altering any word. If there will be exact 2 same answers, the Google Forms will stack them together.

We can see all responses for paragraph questions below:

how to release score in google form 19

Insert the marks in their designated places for each answer and we are ready for releasing scores. Also, you can see in the above picture that the individual we marked 11/11 shows up in question tab on “3” number.

Release Score for quiz in Google Forms

There are multiple ways to release scores. For releasing scores, we can go back to summary tab. Just below insights, we can see scores section. Scores section displays email of students (I’m using public inbox mails for demonstration), scores and whether scores are released or not. We may release individual scores or may release scores for all the respondents all together as in this demonstration.

Click on the “Release Score” button on top right corner of the Scores section as shown in the picture below:

how to release score in google form 20

After pressing Release scores button, we can type any message (optional) for inspiration of our respondents. We will type-in message and choose whether we want to release score for all respondents or choose from individual respondents ourselves. The score will only be released for those respondents who are selected.

how to release score in google form 21

Selecting “All respondents” automatically selects all respondents as shown above.

After scores are released, we can see that scores are released and also the time of release.

how to release score in google form 22

If there are some errors and problems with questions and answers, we can re-release scores after correction with same process.

How respondents receive released scores in Google Forms?

Students receive the released scores once they are released by the form owner (their teacher). There will also be view button to see points’ allocation and received points for each question.

Student can view their mail as:

how to release score in google form 23

Click on View to view the returned quizzes. Students (respondents) can see their marked answer sheet and also find out their mistakes in the quiz.

Student views the received returned quiz as:

how to release score in google form 24

They can see every answer they responded. Also,  the correct answer for all questions can help them fix the mistakes.

how to release score in google form 25


  • We must have a Google Account in order to create and make a Google Form. Without having a Google Account, we will not be able to make use of Google Forms.
  • You can find the preview button on top right corner of the Google Form to preview the Google Form before sending it to public.
  • Make sure to limit the Google Form quiz to “1 response per email” as we only 1 attempt of quiz per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can mark scores in Google form?

Owner or editor of the form can mark the quizzes. So, the unautomated portions of the quiz such as Linear Scale Questions and Paragraph questions can be marked.

Should we mark the unmarked questions first before releasing scores?

Yes, it is possible that the quiz possess some unautomated portion e.g. Linear Scale questions or Paragraph questions or some other part where we would like to mark manually or assign some marks for encouragement, etc. In such cases, we should always review the quizzes first for marking them as shown in this article. And later they can be released.

Can we release quizzes in bunch in Google Forms?

Yes, it is completely up to us how we want to release scores. We can release score for all respondents altogether as shown above. Or we may choose selected respondents while leaving some of the respondent without releasing their quizzes as shown below:

how to release score in google form 26


In this article, we discussed that it is quite important to review the quizzes and their points before releasing scores. There may be some un-marked questions especially in case of Linear Scale or Paragraph questions that need to be checked manually as they do not have an answer key. In this article, we also demonstrated how to review and mark individual quizzes as well as question in Responses. We discussed all possible in depth to demonstrate how to release score in Google Form quizzes.

Thanks for reading!

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