How to Block Quote in Google Docs [Best Practice]

how to block quote in google docs

  • The fastest way to Block Quote in Google Docs: Open your document > Select the text > Go to “increase indent” >  Keep the text selected and go to the “spacing” button > Click on “double” to set double spacing for your block quote body.

In today’s article, we are going to learn how to block quote in google docs. A Blockquote is a technique to quote a specific text or section into a block to emphasize it. It can be used to highlight the quotation, the famous people saying, or for any special text.  the blockquote is a useful feature but unfortunately, we don’t have a direct feature of using it in google docs. But, don’t worry we have a two-step manual approach to block quotes in google docs. We will see it in detail and also discuss why do we need it and how can we use it manually.

Google docs are one of the highly adapted word processing tools used today, it is a very handy tool for all ages. You can use google docs for your notes, assignments, as a student. An employee uses it for professional documentation, and a project manager/boss uses it for making proposals and other marketing stuff to scale business using the power of words. Google docs give a lot of preset features, but block quote is not yet directly embedded into them. Although, manual method is here and which is very simple and straight forward for any age’s person. Let’s understand why do we need a block quote and how it helps us.

Why do we need to block quotes in google docs?

A Blockquote is commonly used to quote a specific block within a content to highlight its importance and significance. The blockquote is also an HTML tag that is used for the same purpose in HTML code. When we need to highlight our text for increasing its importance so we may use double quotations, single quotations, bullets, colors, or any similar formatting or styling option. But it does not look as professional as a blockquote. Blockquote emphasizes the text content very cleanly without any colors or font transformation, blockquote simply adds extra spaces on the left side and justifies the content from its right corner we need this feature to cleanly emphasize our content’s specific sections.

  • To emphasize the specific sections/texts
  • To highlight any quotations.
  • To highlight any important note, PS.

How to Block Quote in Google Docs

Step 1: Open your document, and select the text you want to block quote in your document. It can be a quotation, a single line, or a long paragraph as well.

select the paragraph or text


Step 2: On the top ribbon, toolbar go to increase indent, alternatively, you can find this button inside format menu > align and indent > increase indent

go to format align and indent then click increase indent


Step 3: Now, keep the text selected and go to the spacing button in the top ribbon > click on double to get double spacing in your block quote body.

go to format then align & paragraph spacing then click double

check you text has become a block quote


To recap, you have three simple steps to follow to block quotes in google docs. You can use the increase indent and line and paragraph spacing button directly from the top ribbon or you can find them inside the format menu. Also, you can increase your indent one more time if you think it would be better. Similarly, for the spacing, you can try multiple options given in line and paragraph spacing to pick up the most suitable option of spacing for your blockquote body. It is a manual method, so keep in mind that skipping any of the above steps will lead you to some jeopardy.

How to Block Quote in Google Docs Video Tutorial


  • Always remember that in steps two and three your text must be selected.
  • Do not increase your indent too much, it will make your quote look weird and will not be very professional.
  • Never select a weird spacing to be more unique, remember that keeping it simple will always be more professional and clean, and also more readable.
  • Readability is the main core of SEO, because if a user is not able to read your text, then it is worth nothing but garbage roaming over the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Methods for Block Quoting in Word Similar to those in Google Docs?

Yes, the methods for using a block quote in word are indeed similar to those in Google Docs. In both applications, you can highlight the desired text, click on the Quote option, or use a specific keyboard shortcut to insert the block quote effortlessly. The formatting options and styles may vary slightly, but the overall process remains quite comparable.


So today we learned how to block quote in google docs. It is a manual approach but quite handy and easy to pick up for newbies. We discussed what are block quotes? Why do we need block quotes in our document? When do we use blockquote? and how to block quote in google docs? I hope you can answer all those questions after going through this comprehensive guide. We discussed in the earlier part of the article why we need to use them, to make you understand the meaning of using blockquote so that you always use blockquote only when it is required in your document.

So, I hope you like this article, and surely you have learned something new out of this quick guide. Please share your thoughts below in the comments section and let us know what topics are you looking for in the future? also do subscribe to the OfficeDemy blog for more quick and comprehensive articles.

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