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How To Make a Card on Microsoft Word [Complete Guide]

The fastest way to make a card on Microsoft Word: Open a new landscape document > Adjust margins and page color > Insert and customize shapes for ...

How to Create & Print Labels from Google Docs [Complete Guide]

The quickest way to create & print labels from Google Docs: Install the "Create and print labels" add-on in Google Docs > Select a label template ...

How to Recover a Deleted Google Doc [3 Methods]

The best ways to recover a deleted Google Doc: 1. Recover from Google Drive Trash Access Google Drive and open the "Trash" folder > Locate your ...

How to Undo Suggestions on Google Docs [2 Methods]

The fastest ways to undo suggestions on Google Docs: 1. Undo Suggestions by Rejection Open Google Doc with suggestions > Locate the suggestions ...

How to Track Changes in Microsoft Word [Guide 2023]

The best way to track changes in Microsoft Word: 1. Enabling Track Changes Open Microsoft Word document > Navigate to the "Review" tab > Locate ...

How to Flip an Image in Microsoft Word [3 Methods]

The fastest ways to flip an image in Microsoft Word: 1. Using the Flip Image Option Insert your image via the "Insert" tab > "Pictures" > ...

How to Speech to Text on Google Docs [Complete Guide]

Hi. Welcome back to our Google Docs series of tutorials. Today, we will learn how to speak to text in Google Docs. In today's fast-paced world, time is of the ...

How to View Comments on Google Docs [3 Methods]

Hi. Today our topic is how to view comments on Google Docs. Google Docs is the best alternative to other word-processing apps for its live collaboration ...

How to Make one Page Landscape in Microsoft Word

Hi, in this article, we will learn how to make one page landscape in Microsoft Word. If you are a Microsoft Office user, then you have probably noticed that ...

How To Make a Chart in Microsoft Word [Pie & Sunburst]

Today we will learn how to make a chart in Microsoft Word. If you are working on any document in Microsoft Word and need visual details for any data set, ...

How to Make a Graph in Microsoft Word [Complete Guide]

Hi guys. Welcome to another tutorial of our Microsoft Word series. Today, we will learn how to make a graph in Microsoft word. We all have seen, created, and ...

How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word [Complete Guide]

Today, we will learn how to make a brochure in Microsoft Word. Firstly, do you think that Microsoft Word is only for documentation? The answer is No. Because ...

How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook [Beginner’s Guide]

Hi, today we will learn how to add shared mailbox in Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a powerful and widely used email client that enables individuals and ...

How to Make a Book in Microsoft Word [Complete Guide]

Hi, welcome to a very useful tutorial. Today we will learn how to make a book in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is becoming more prominent in providing more ...

How to Indent Citations on Microsoft Word [3 Methods]

Hi. Welcome to another tutorial on Microsoft Word. Today, we will learn how to indent Citations on Microsoft Word. Proper citation formatting is an essential ...

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