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How to Make a Signup Sheet on Google Form [Custom Signup]

There are many ways to utilize Google Forms in daily life tasks. In this article, we will learn how to make a signup Sheet on Google Form. There is a need of ...

How to Get Email Notifications from Google Forms

Google Forms enable us to take surveys and receive its responses online. Sometimes, a survey may be a critical one and we may need to get the notification that ...

How to Create Hyperlink in Google Forms [Complete Guide]

Google Forms provide recognizable services and features for taking surveys, questionnaires and forms. Sometimes we need to share some additional information ...

How to See, Print & Delete Google Form Responses [Guide 2023]

Google Form without any responses (from credible public) is not something useful for a form owner. A form without responses is quite similar to a business ...

How to Calculate in Google Forms [Complete Guide]

Google Forms are used to create forms, surveys, questionnaires and polls for various reasons. If the form involves booking, orders and reservations, we might ...

How to Make a Poll on Google Forms [Complete Guide]

Polls can be created to analyze public’s opinion and choice on different matters. Google Forms provide us with all the services we require in order to make ...

How to Bold Text in Google Forms?

Google Forms include text in variety of forms such as form name, form title, form description, questions of the forms, answers and much more. It is possible ...

How to Print a Google Form [PDF or Printer]

Google Forms allow us to create questionnaires and surveys as a “Form”. Later, those forms are created, modified, shared, responded to and finally analyzed for ...

How to Delete Responses on Google Forms [Guide 2023]

Google Forms allow us to create, customize, share and get responses on forms, questionnaires and surveys. We share the form and get responses. Later, those ...

How to Do Ranking in Google Forms [MCQ Grid]

Making surveys, sometimes, it is required to ask for the preferences of the responders. This can be easily achieved using ranking questions. Google Forms ...

How to Stop Accepting Responses on Google Forms?

Surveys, questionnaire and forms are created using Google Forms for various purposes. Once, forms receive enough responses or reaches the deadline, no more ...

How to Make a Pie Chart on Google Forms?

Google Forms enable us to take surveys, questionnaires and quizzes online without much effort. It also provides us with analytical services. We need not to ...

How to make Personality Quiz on Google Form?

Google Forms are widely used for making forms, questionnaires, surveys and quizzes. Human were always interested in finding about the personality they have ...

How to View & Edit History in Google Forms?

Google Forms allows us to collaborate through network from the making of the form to getting responses and generation of reports. When a form has multiple ...

How to Make a Google Form Public [Anonymous Access & Collaborators]

Sometimes we may need to make a Google Form public. There can be various reasons for it. First of all, it is possible that we do not want to restrict the ...

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